NAVART aerospace


Navart aerospace is a German consulting and research company for the aviation Industrie. It is supporting airlines, ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Provider), as well as manufacturers of navigation systems with respect to the introduction, application and certification of modern sattelite-based aviation navigation.

Modern aviation navigation means applications such as the Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) or GLS, as well as the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Required Navigation Performance Authorization particularly Required (RNP-AR) or advanced RNP.

In addition Navart aerospace offers its experience in the introduction of new sattelite-based aviation navigation, as well as in flight test planning and execution.



The staff and partners of Navart aerospace come from the international transport, civil aviation and aeronautics research.

As the pioneers in the field of sattelite based approach systems such as the "Ground Based Augmentation System" (GBAS / GLS) and procedures in the field of Performance Based Navigation (PBN), especially Required Navigation Performance Athorisation Required (RNP-AR) Navart gained a lot of experience over the past years.